Mattress Cleaning

Professional Mattress Cleaning at its Best

Our upholstery cleaning technicians are not just skilled at getting dirt, stains and odors out of your upholstered fabrics. We also can clean those bedroom mattresses as well. Studies show that cleaning your mattresses periodically, 2 or 3 times a year may actually have significant benefits for your family's health.

Over time your bedroom mattresses collect dirt, dust, pollen, dead skin cells, hair and skin oils, and may even be subjected to stains and odors. While the dirt and odors may not be immediately noticeable to you, they can have an effect on your health.

Smell and Stains of Sweat

The most common problem recorded with mattress is that they soak all the sweat and dust from your body. The sweat makes its way through the layers of sheets into the mattress.

After some time, this sweat starts leaving different marks on your mattress making it look bad. Moreover, it generates a pungent smell which is unbearable at times.

Site for Disease-causing Organisms

Your mattress becomes host to many disease-causing organisms like bugs, mites, bacteria, and fungus. Apart from these disease-causing organisms, your mattress is home to a great deal of dead skin and allergy-causing pollen's.

A proper cleaning will ensure the removal of all of them, and you, and your loved ones will stay fit and disease free.

Ground in Dirt can Damage Your Upholstery Fabric

Studies suggest that when you turn over in bed in your sleep you throw loose pollutants in your mattress into the air, where you are likely to breathe it in. Not only does this air born dust reduce your bedroom air quality, but can also result in poor sleep.

Having your bedroom mattresses cleaned periodically will not only improve your bedroom air quality, but will also result in a more restful night's sleep.

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